commBRIDGE - Sales Force Training Management

A fully configurable and flexible sales force management and automation system for planning, implementing and tracking of the continued training process for the sales force for any distribution channel for the insurance industry.

The system can be also extended to any other service based industry like banking, mutual funds and other service based companies as per any regulatory guidelines with real-time integration capabilities with the core and other peripheral systems.

The CRM tool provides a monthly training calendar view, multiple training courses and a Class manager that can be configured in the system with training modes like - by invitation or by self nomination. The system workflow is controlled based on a predefined set of statuses as per the policies of the insurance company.

The training management portal is a dynamic solution with intranet and extranet implementation capabilities to ensure an efficient communication framework between the corporate team and the remote branches across the country.

It provides all the necessary dashboards and MIS to support and help in training process improvement. The system is a good tool to help the company to improve the ROI of the training process.

We also provide training as a service for the BFSI industry, please do read about our training services and training calendar for the year 2018.

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Hosting Cloud

Our Web solutions are offered on both hosting models – Cloud and on-premise

Android and iOS

Our mobility solutions supports Android and iOS platforms

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