commBRIDGE CNMS - A Channel Network Management System

A fully configurable and flexible multi sales and distribution management Solution for the service industry – banking, Insurance (Life and General), mutual funds and other service based companies with real-time integration capabilities with the core and other peripheral systems.

Our Channel Network management system supports most of the simple to highly complex sales channel hierarchies with every channel having their own unique needs and complexities and their sales forces and office locations setup for better management.

The system allows maintaining a separate and unique organization hierarchy which is independent of the sales channels and also supports maintaining other non sales departmental hierarchies also and therefore can be a considered to be used to maintain the Human resource information very efficiently and as the primary repository of all employee, partner or franchisee information.

The distribution management system supports all types of movements – like recruitment, transfers, terminations, promotions, demotions, reinstatements based on rules defined in the system based on company’s internal policies.

Our solutions support the following options:

Hosting Cloud

Our Web solutions are offered on both hosting models – Cloud and on-premise

Android and iOS

Our mobility solutions supports Android and iOS platforms

Responsive Design

Supports responsive and HTML5 standards