commBRIDGE CRM for Sales

Mobile Apps for efficiently managing leads while on the run:

A flexible leads and sales management Solution for the financial service industry – banking, Insurance (Life, General and Health), NBFCs, Equity Brokers, Insurance Brokers, mutual funds and other service based companies with real-time integration capabilities with their core and other peripheral systems.

The commBRIDGE sales CRM ver 4.0 has an inbuilt workflow rule engine that can be easily setup and configured to manage the different workflow needs and used as a sophisticated lead generation service for any business process.

The commBRIDGE CRM for Sales system has inbuilt collaboration capabilities of E-mail and SMS integration, portal interfaces, letter generation, printing capabilities, bulk service request generation and status updates which in today's context is an essential expectation from a CRM solution due to very high number of cases to be processed.

The lead management system has a dynamic common-view architecture that enables the customer service users to get a complete 360 degree view of the customer at the point of interaction.

The system also has integration capabilities with the CRM system for the purpose of effective servicing management for cross sell - up sell needs of an organization supported by a strong MIS capability to be able to measure productivity and predictability.

The commBRIDGE CRM for Sales system can be easily integrated with the telephone dialer applications / hardware and has all integration interfaces readily available. It also provides ready interfaces for integrations with other delivery channels like online portal systems, IVRS systems, Email and SMS.

The commBRIDGE CRM for Sales system has capabilities to seamlessly process customer interactions using email as the delivery channel. It can be configured and mapped to multiple email accounts and workflow queues be setup to handle separate mail accounts.

Key features of commBRIDGE

A real-time lead management dashboard for sales teams
A spreadsheet like working experience and more
Sales Calendar for easy work planning for downlines

Our solutions support the following options:

Hosting Cloud

Our Web solutions are offered on both hosting models – Cloud and on-premise

Android and iOS

Our mobility solutions supports Android and iOS platforms

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