Management Team

Mr.Indrajeet Sen
CEO & Founder

Indrajeet Sen has over 25+ years of experience in the IT industry with various domestic and international project implementation experiences and in successfully setting up IT infrastructures and offshore development centers in India and in the middle East.

He was also a Director and Group Chief Technology Officer of CMS I-Systems Berhad, Malaysia and a is director of KMS I-Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. and is responsible for the Business strategy formulation for the group companies.

He has been instrumental in the successful implementations of several large IT projects in India, Dubai, Malaysia and in the Europe. He has worked for various industries like Insurance, reinsurance, media planning & buying, media research, logistics etc.

He has been guiding Krish Mark in developing a comprehensive solution suite for the service industry that enables an improved and a cohesive management of its sales teams and sales processes with the right use of technology.

Based on the years of IT project delivery experience he has applied the knowledge in developing some efficient software delivery models from contrasting paradigms like – highly process driven models – TEAM MODELS to more human driven models – DELIVERY MANAGER MODELS.

The company applies these different models in its live project initiatives.

Mrs. Sunanda Sen
Director - HR & Founder

Sunanda Sen has over 9 years of experience in successfully managing the human resources department of Krish Mark and guiding the company in continuously improving the HR and training processes of the company.

She is one of the founder members of Krish Mark and has been the key stakeholder in developing the human resource bank of the company during the building phases of its journey.

She has been one of the key Appraisal committee team members for the CMMI appraisal conducted by the SEI for accreditation of its application development processes.

Mr. Gautam Dasgupta

Gautam Dasgupta has over 35+ years of sales & marketing experience in various products and domains ranging from IT software solutions & services, pharmaceutical bulk drugs, formulations and specialized industrial products.

He is one of the founder members of Krish Mark and has been the key investor to financially support the company during the building phases of its journey.

He strongly believes in the potential of a pursuasive sales force that can significantly contribute to a company's sales revenues with the right investments in recruitment, training and incentivising them.

He has several years of manufacturing and product research & development experience in bulk drugs and other pharmaceutical products in India. He has been involved in import of various products from the overseas markets and successfully creating a market here in India.

Ms. Tirtha Dasgupta

Tirtha Dasgupta has over 20+ years experience in teaching students from primary to secondary grades and has been very successful in developing innovative teaching methods for students in this age group.

She is one of the core team members of Krish Mark and has been the key guide to support the company during its journey so far.

She strongly believes in the potential of a pursuasive education & training model that emphasis in developing the inner strength of a student and will be part of the team developing the EDUCATION & TRAINING BUSINESS DIVISION of the company.