commBRIDGE Candidate Manager

A mobile app for recruitment of agents in Insurance Companies. The solution is a handy tool for the sales force(i.e. Sales Managers/Relationship Managers) while recruiting agents in their team.

This app is currently available for android and IOS platform.
  • Mobile App to reduce the time to on-board agents.
  • Ensuring Regulatory compliance
  • Eliminate paper work from recruitment
  • Conver to Digital ARF (From IA)

Simplified Process
The submission process is simplified by the use of the Mobile app right from the point the sales manager approaches the agent to the point the agent has been finally on-boarded.

Cost Saving:
The solution will help in reducing the high cost incurred in the process of recruitment. The use of scanners, operations manpower, courier/recourier of documents etc. is a regular cost incurred by the company which can be significantly saved.

Data Accuracy:
The data recorded using this app helps in improving the data quality and accuracy compared to other methods as the agent verifies and confirms sitting face to face with the SM.

CFR Management:
The full version of this solution also offers CFR (Call for requirement) management process for better tracking and reduce multiple iterations.

Single Repository:
A single repository of all the agent information including all relevant documents till the point where the agent has been on-boarded with the insurer.

Document editing:
The Photo/Signature uploaded along with other documents can be edited (i.e cropped, edited, rotation etc.) in the system for quality enhancement of the image.

Rural Office Setup:
For enabling on-boarding process for remote locations/Non Branch sites.

Candidate Registration Process
completed within 24Hrs