LifeWaves Group Insurance Portal for Corporate Customers

A proprietory platform developed
by Krish Mark to enable life & general
insurers get the best of a portal framework

In a constantly evolving business landscape, there is only one rule to succeed- “Buy or bury competition”. The need to respond to regulatory changes and keep pace with rising consumer demands; stagnant growth and increasing competition from other life insurance providers all make it hard for group life policy carriers to stay profitable. In order to be master of the game, you need to build competitive differentiation by focusing not only on reducing costs and increasing revenues but also by improving customer satisfaction- in ways that are smarter, faster and better than competition.

Portals are increasingly emerging as powerful strategic tools through their inherent capabilities to catalyze organizational agility and reduce operational costs on one hand; while drastically cutting down manual transactions, manual errors and turn-around-time for servicing your customers’ requests on the other. By facilitating seamless communication and collaboration with geographically dispersed corporate customers, by bringing everything from getting desired information to seeing details of the contract and updating events at the click of a button and by making you virtually available for quick and efficient service 24/7, portals become powerful enablers of businesstransforming traditional ways of working and helping you switch to a more modern and intelligent interface.

A robust and flexible group portal solution built on a proprietory platform developed by Krish Mark to enable life & general insurers get the best of a portal framework with abundance of features out-of-box coupled with the customised features that makes them a perfect fit for an insurance company to launch their self service portals for their corporate customers.


Intitutive User Interface
Master Policy Setup
Media Library
Group to Individual
Robust security features
Maker - Checker
Premium Rating
Configurable Underwriting
On-line Forms
Premium refund
Audit trails
Corporate customer regn
Group float Account
Straight Through Processing
COI generation
Easy Census maintenance
Reduce transactional errors
Reduce paperwork

For Insurance Customers

This system has a ready capability of integrating with the core systems. The system has already been implemented in insurance companies in India.

Some Reference Customer Portal Sites

Exide Life Insurance a leading Life insurance company in India has implemented the Group insurance portal built on the portal framework for corporate customers for Group products like Group Term, Employee deposit Linked Schemes, Credit Life for member census maintenance and claims management.

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