SCANIntegra - Image Assisted Data Processing

An image assisted data processing system - A fully configurable and flexible image assisted data entry and data processing system which encompasses the process file and data transfer, to image file conversion from multiple formats to TIFF image formats for faster processing to easy verification, correction and final transfer of data to the destination system with minimal manual interventions.

The system supports setting up of image zones that is rendered in a pop up floating window to a data entry operator to improve image viewing and hence drastically reduces the errors in data entry. By design the system eliminates all the hassles of manual preparatory steps for any data processing operations and eases the whole processes greatly.

The system supports different data / files transportation protocols for transferring of data and image files from the central location to remote locations and automates the preparatory steps before data is converted into information in structured relational data stores.

The processed data after QC (quality check) can be transferred back to the destination system in real-time or batch mode.

The scanINTEGRA system can be very handy for any data processing centres (in-house or outsourced) that requires adequate data and system access security.

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