commBRIDGE SAIM - Compensation Management

A fully configurable and flexible compensation management system for managing all types of commissions, incentive and contests. Compensation rules can be designed and altered by business users using the compensation designer for both qualification and rewarding rules criteria.

The system is seamlessly integrated with the hierarchy management to compute KPI achievements based on the exact hierarchy structure prevalent at the time of providing credit for any business or non business Key Performance indicators to the reporting hierarchy to ensure a perfect KPI achievement accumulation.

The system provides a robust platform to setup a single payout system to manage all types of compensations and reduces payout leakages from positive and negative payouts. It provides capabilities to track the different payouts schemes and make adjustments to derive a single compensation statement that helps the agent, corporate partner and the insurance company to get a 360 degree visibility of all compensations and thereby minimize discrepancies and grievances raised by the sales force.

The system supports most of the known standard KPIs (as BASE KPIs) and also allows to setup any non standard KPIs (as DERIVED KPIs). One KPI can be computed based on the outcome of another KPI as is commonly required by the business rules.

The system manages all tax calculation rules (Service tax, Income tax etc.) from tax rule definitions and allows adjustments of loans, advances and other adjustments in a completely controlled environment.

The system maintains all audit trails for future audits of the compensation rules and alterations, achievement transactions, computations / re-computations etc.

The system also generates tracker dashboard views for integrating with the intermediary portals for providing almost real-time dashboards to agents and corporate partners of their current achievements under each compensation schemes and the shortfalls to achieve their entry or next eligibility targets.

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