commBRIDGE Middleware for C-KYC Integration

A readily integrated end-to-end solution for financial institutions to manage customer KYC registration and future updates of changes in customer information through CERSAI KYC portal using the middleware. The solution can be easily integrated with the customer information system of the financial insitituions as the middleware provides standard API interfaces for real-time integration as well as bulk integration for periodical push or pull of data and documents from the existing system.

  • Enables 100% compliance with the CERSAI C-KYC Regulations

  • Improve customer awareness about Centralised KYC registry

  • Improve customer awareness about the importance of periodical contact information updation

  • Improve direct customer stickiness

  • Continuously Enrich customer contactibility

  • Attract circle-of-influence of your customers

  • Increase visitors’ footfall on your corporate website

  • Improve ROI on cross sell and up sell opportunities

  • Decentralise to share the responsibility at all levels of the organisation

  • Available for Web & Mobile Devices

  • Custom Search & download KYC records using web API

  • Mobile app for decentralizing the entire KYC process

  • Mobile app works in Offline mode in poor network conditions

  • 360 degree view in dynamic dashboard for Business Monitoring

  • Integration with existing systems for End to End processing

  • SFTP based automated batch job process

  • Image auto upload, auto mapping, auto cropping and storage

  • Notifications to Customer / Financial Institution

  • Decentralise to share the responsibility at all levels of the organisation

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