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● KYC Template for Individuals Revised by CERSAI ● Video KYC will be introduced ● Legal Entities to be live soon.

CERSAI has enhanced the CKYC Registration Process for Individuals and starting Registration Process for Legal Entities by making the following changes

The CKYC Solution is a ready-to-integrate Middleware Solution for financial institutions to manage KYC Registration for their customers (both Individual & Legal Entities), and get future updates of changes in their customer information through the CERSAI KYC Portal. The solution can be easily integrated with the existing data-processing system, as the Middleware provides standard APIs for real time integration as well as bulk integration, for periodical push or pull of data and documents from the existing system.


  • Easy implementation in 7 days
  • End to End application process
  • Integration with existing systems for processing
  • Search & download KYC using web API
  • SFTP based automated batch jobs
  • 360 degree view in dynamic dashboard for Business Monitoring
  • Mobile application for decentralizing the entire KYC process

More Benefits:

  • Notification for Customer/Financial Institution (FI Notification Connector and CERSAI SFTP Connectors)
  • AI for Image Recognition for easily identifying the probable match cases
  • Available for Web & Mobile Devices
  • Can operate in Offline mode in poor network conditions
  • Highly scalable system

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